About WiSeInno

WiSeInno is a non-profit platform of the Electronics Lab of Physics Department(AUTH) focusing on Semiconductors Innovation actions in the field of Chip Design, Wireless Sensor Node Systems, Communication Technology and Connectivity. WiSeInno is devoted to spreading ideas in the form of powerful talks, technology presentations, publications and technology innovation projects. In WiSeInno Science, Technology and Fun are converged.

What is WiSeInno?

Whether you are seeking for some special information or you just want to keep up with the latest technology trends, WiSeInno is the right place for you! WiSeInno began as a website committed to WiSe Design 2015, a Wireless Sensor Node SoC Workshop which took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on December 2015. Thanks to the willingness of four students and their eager professors, it has evolved into a platform devoted to technology innovation. You can find more information about who we are here

What is the purpose of WiSeInno?

WiSeInno focuses on bringing you the latest news on Semiconductors Innovation actions in the field of Chip Design, Wireless Sensor Node Systems, Communication Technology and Connectivity. Workshops, educational seminars, talks and other events are organized on a regular basis with the help and support of WiSeInno. Our aim is to bring together people from all around the world willing to share their bright ideas. Feel free to browse our site. You’ll find a variety of articles, information about past and upcoming events and everything else you need to stimulate your interest about technology innovation. Inspiring people to get evolved with our community, develop their ideas and achieve their goals will be our best and only benefit.

How can I get involved in WiSeInno?

If you want to join our community, you can subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for any news or you can simply let us know what you think on the comment section below every article on our blog. If you like our work and want to support us, we would be glad to have you as part of our team. You can use our contact form or directly email us at info@wiseinno.tech.

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ” — Steve Jobs


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WiSeInno is hosting several technology events around the year such as WiSeDesign 2015, AMSCI 2015 and WiSeDesign 2016. WiSeInno Presentations are by invitation and WiSeSpeakers are coming from Industry and Academia from all around the world. Various semiconductor applications are addressed from Wireless communications and IoT to Space and Nuclear Science. Learn More

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WiSeInno is focused on emerging semiconductors’ technology topics and trends such as IoT, Mobile Communications System on Chip and 5G, Automotive ICs and Radar Applications, Sensors and Actuators, Radiation Detection, Device and Circuit Modeling, Simulation and Measurement, High Performance Computing.

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A blog not only about current and emerging trends on electronics’ technology innovation but also on other related events, job posts and openings, funding sources, technology contests, related voluntary actions and charities. Subscribe to our newsletter list to keep posted with the latest WiSeInno news and activities.

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Final aim of all of our actions is to create a strong community of students and professionals involved in electronics domain, sharing ideas and solving problems!

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